Prof. Dr. Anne Jakob, LL.M.

When I walk on water, my critics say he can’t even swim.
Berti Vogts

I have been deeply engaged in sports from my earliest childhood as competitive swimmer and track and field athlete in the GDR to journal editor, sports law attorney and University lecturer today. In my work as athlete, officer, journalist, volunteer and executive manager at national and international organizations I have truly experienced complexity, conflicts, opportunities, interests, structural specifics, organizational aspects as well as financial and political subtleties at all levels of sport. My work took me to many places worldwide, from the office at the International Olympic Committee at Lausanne, to world championships. I have managed the doping control system at the Berlin and Daegu track and field world championships and presented organizations at meetings in the US and throughout Europe providing me with unparalleled knowledge in the world of organizations, sport and sports law. Rest assured that I know my home turf to be prepared for any discussion and challenge.